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Greenlit: RMS Queen Mary, BBC Scotland / BBC 4 / Smithsonian Channel

RMS Queen Mary w/t (1 x 60′) – Documentary to mark the 80th anniversary of the legendary ocean liner the RMS Queen Mary’s maiden voyage.

With exclusive access to the magnificent ocean liner and an extensive archive of film and photographs, the documentary will explore the action-packed life of the Clyde-built ship that was an art-deco playground for America’s Hollywood elite, a troop carrier that brought an Army to Europe, and used by Churchill frequently during the Second World War as he travelled to meet with Allied forces. Viewers will learn that the liner played such a key role during the Second World War that Adolf Hitler offered a bonus of £250,000 and the Iron Cross to any U-boat captain who could sink the Queen Mary.

Built in Clydebank, the liner was an engineering marvel which, during her wartime service safely transported more than 800,000 Allied personnel to Europe, followed by thousands of war brides and families. Viewers will hear from some of the Queen Mary’s very first passengers, troops who travelled on the ship, and past crew members who tell about the glories of this wonder of the seas.

The documentary will also explore the ship’s darkest day when, on 2 October 1942, she accidentally collided with the HMS Curacoa, her escort vessel, slicing her in two. Ordered not to stop under any circumstances, the captain of the Queen Mary had no choice but to steam on leaving 338 men to drown.

After the war, the liner continued in service up until 1967 and is now a floating luxury hotel and museum docked in a custom made lagoon in Long Beach, California.
Channel: BBC Scotland / BBC4 / Smithsonian Channel

Producer: STV Productions


Source: STV Productions press release


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