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Greenlit: Redefining Juliet, BBC4

Redefining Juliet – Follows creative director and wheelchair user Storme Toolis and her group of actors through the rehearsal process of their theatrical production – Redefining Juliet – to the Barbican, where they will stage a triumphant recasting of Shakespeare’s iconic heroine.

This theatre production is a unique re-telling of Romeo And Juliet using a diverse group of actors – all with disabilities or differences. Tall, small, large, deaf, bald and wheelchair using – each owning the character of Juliet for themselves. Using a combination of original text and verbatim theatre from six Juliets and just one Romeo, Redefining Juliet transports Shakespeare’s heroine right into the heart of today’s diverse 21st century society.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Many Rivers Films

TX: April 2016

Source: BBC press release


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