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Greenlit: David Beckham: Into the Unknown, BBC1

David Beckham: Into the Unknown (1 x 90′) – After 22 years playing for the world’s greatest football teams David Beckham has retired. For the first time in his adult life he has the freedom to do whatever he wants – and to mark the occasion he’s going on an adventure.

He’s chosen Brazil, on motorbikes, and is travelling with three of his closest friends: Anthony Mandler, world-renowned photographer and video director; Derek White, an experienced motorbike rider who’ll get them out of a mechanical fix; and Dave Gardner, his best friend since they were 14 years old.

First stop is Rio. It only takes minutes for David to be spotted by fans and paparazzi. With the motorbikes giving them a speedy getaway and the crash helmet creating the anonymity David craves, they escape to a favela called Vidigal.

Passing a foot-volleyball game down on Sao Conrado beach, David can’t resist the temptation and plays with the locals until the sun goes down. They can’t believe their luck.

The next day they fly to Manaus, tropical gateway to the Amazon, and make their way deep into the Amazon where David is unknown. They enjoy the freedom of the bikes on the open road but are out of their comfort zone when night falls and they have to bed down in hammocks, in pretty basic conditions.

Leaky canoes take them deep along Amazon tributaries where six feet (1.8 metre) long anacondas lurk in the water. While Anthony and Derek take a leap of faith and jump in, David and Dave keep their kit on and watch from the sidelines.

The further they travel into the rainforest, the more David relaxes and reflects on his surroundings. He hasn’t done anything like this before, but embraces what the jungle has to offer. He goes fishing with the locals and camps out under the jungle canopy, becoming a dab hand at making a fire and filleting fish.

After almost 800 miles (1290 km) of boat and bike travel, the group reaches a tiny airstrip that will take them deep into the jungle to a remote territory where few Westerners have been, to meet the Yanomami tribe.

For David and his friends this trip is a reality they have never known before.

Channel: BBC1 / BBCWW

Producer: XIX Production

TX: 9th June 2014

Source: BBC press release


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