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Greenlit: The Auction House, Channel 4

The Auction House (3 x 60′) – Nestled in the heart of Chelsea is Lots Road Auctions, an Aladdin’s cave of magnificent artefacts both old and new. This observational documentary series provides a unique glimpse into this extraordinary institution and reveals why it’s a magnet for eccentric home-owners, antiques buffs, and obsessive collectors alike.

It follows dynamic boss Roger and his loyal staff as they strive to meet the sophisticated tastes and financial fortunes of the super-rich, and we’ll see the team decipher the sentimental from the significant and tell apart the privileged from the timewasters.

Upstairs at Lots Road is the antiques section and the prices fetched by brown Victorian furniture are in freefall, whereas the ‘Modern’ downstairs auction is considered to be a little less elegant perhaps and is decidedly more lucrative. The auction house faces a daily struggle to embrace change and exploit new markets whilst trying to turn a profit at the same time.

Throughout the series, viewers will get to meet the obsessive collectors in pursuit of the perfect deal such as the family of self-professed bargain addicts who love the thrill of the hunt. They’ll also get to go behind the closed doors of London’s most lavish homes including a mansion owned by a millionaire in search of decorative items to create the interior of his dreams – creating the ultimate fly on the wall experience.

With socialite shopping sprees, corporate culture clashes, and high-risk hunches, no two days are the same at Lots Road as we delve into the fascinating world of auction. And as we all know, timing is everything as without an eager buyer, yesterday’s treasure could be today’s trash

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Dragonfly Film and Television


Source: Channel 4 press release


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