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Greenlit: Watch Out, There’s A Shoplifter About! Channel 5

Watch Out, There’s a Shoplifter About!  (1 x 60′) –    This documentary from reveals the incredible deceit and trickery used by the sophisticated world of shoplifters, plus how to spot and shop them. Store thieves strike every seven minutes – and cost the retail industry £0.5bn every year. With access to amazing CCTV footage of shoplifters in action, and exploring the cat and mouse game with those whose job it is to catch them, the documentary exposes the ever more sophisticated tricks and jaw-droppingly ingenious scams criminals use to steal their loot.

Candid interviews with shoplifters and the store detectives who catch them will guide viewers through the different techniques employed by the thieves. From cheating the checkouts, to distracting shop staff, to specially adapted outfits and props to aid the theft, to disabling security tabs; this film covers everything you need to know about how and where store thieves operate.

Channel: Chanel 5

Producer: Watershed TV

TX: 2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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