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Greenlit: Ultimate Dealer, Channel 4

Ultimate Dealer w/t (15 x 30′) – Across the series, real life dealers will go head to head, each trying to make most profit and be crowned the ‘Ultimate Dealer’.

The Monday to Thursday instalments will see two new dealers each day competing to buy items at auction and sell them off to try to make the best profit. At the end of each day, the dealer who has made the most money will become the Ultimate Dealer for that day. On Fridays, the competition steps up as the two best-selling dealers of that week go head to head, with one of them gaining the title of that week’s Ultimate Dealer.

You just never know what items our dealers will stumble upon at auction. Anything is possible from mass produced retail items, interesting one offs, mixed boxes of ‘lucky dip’ items, collectables and a variety of second hand goods. Will the dealers be able to spot the items that give them the best chance of making a great profit?

It’s not just about searching for bargain items at auctions however – much of the key to success is having the instinct to know which items will resell and being savvy in choosing where to sell them. To be in with a chance of winning, the dealers will go anywhere from markets, car boot sales, holding their own auctions, cold calling, door to door sales, part exchanging goods, targeting businesses or selling to stores.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: IWC Media


Source: Channel 4 press release


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