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Greenlit: Tiny House Hunting, FYI

Tiny House Hunting  (10 x 60′) –  From micro-apartments in Manhattan to exquisite tiny row homes in Savannah, This series celebrates the exploding movement of tiny houses. From high price to low cost, this is not your normal design show, but one that proves size doesn’t always matter – it’s creativity that counts. Viewers will meet a new family in each episode as they burst open the doors to the trend of extreme downsizing. Our expert host and team of tiny house builders will help each family design and construct a new mini-dream home no larger than 300 square feet. Traveling far and wide, our host will also show viewers the best and most ingenious small spaces America has to offer.

Channel: FYI

Producer: Loud TV

TX: 9th  July 2014

Source: A&E Networks press release


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