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Greenlit: The Plane That Vanished: Live, Channel 5

The Plane That Vanished: Live – Looks at the fateful mystery gripping everyone of what happened to missing Malaysian flight MH370.

With the flight and its occupants now missing nearly a week, this live programme takes a look at how the hi-tech Boeing 777 apparently vanished without trace off the coast of Malaysia, leaving friends and family mystified and devastated about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

The programme will investigate some of the theories about what happened to the flight, with questions being asked possible mechanical, technical or human failures. The programme will also look at the occupants of the flight and whether any should be regarded with suspicion or as innocent parties, plus the range of eye-witness accounts that disagree over the plane’s location. As Malaysia and China mourns in the confusion, we also ask if the government are being transparent regarding their search enquiries.

The programme will be live and will include the latest up-to-the-minute information about the growing enquiry, while investigating the speculations in the absence of any concrete evidence about the plane’s whereabouts.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: ITN Productions

TX: 14th March 2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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