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Greenlit: 15,000 Kids and Counting, Channel 4

15,000 Kids and Counting (aka The Child Protectors w/t)  (3 x 60′) – Child protection levels in Britain are at a record high. On average, a child is taken into care in Britain every 20 minutes. Over 15,000 children were in need of adoptive families last year – double what it was only five years ago.

With unprecedented access to the entire adoption process, this documentary series  follows social workers, foster carers, birth parents and adopters as heart-wrenchingly difficult decisions are made about the future of some of Britain’s most vulnerable children.

The series begins with the most difficult decision of all – whether or not to permanently remove a child from its birth parents – offering a unique insight into both the challenging role of the social workers whose job it is to recommend whether a child should return home, and to the families fighting to keep their children.

With far more adoptees than there are prospective adopters, the social workers tasked with finding permanent homes for children in the next part of the journey do not have an easy undertaking. With the future of these children in their hands and recently set government targets to meet, we see them struggle not to become emotionally involved with their cases as they strive to find adopters before time runs out.

Told from the perspective of the children, foster carers and adopters, the final episode charts the transition from familiar foster home to the unknown of new adopted parents. As reality sets in, adopters and the children alike discover that the prospect of learning to love and fit into a family that were once strangers can be a daunting one, and the stakes are huge.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: True Vision

TX: 3rd April 2014

Source: Channel 4 press release


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