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Greenlit: Moving Country, Great American Country

Moving Country – Miami to Montana or LA to Louisville – More and more we’re seeing families leaving urban areas and going to a simpler, easier country lifestyle. What’s driving this moving trend and what are they finding in their new homes that makes the change so attractive?

Go along for the ride as families across the nation go in search of their new homes and focus on a new lifestyle in a laid-back setting.
Whether it’s returning to your roots and moving your family back to where you lived before the big city or heading to “America’s Coolest Small Town,” where their dollar and the country landscapes stretch much further – join these families as they change their surroundings, deciding where to settle down and build a new life.  Viewers will share that experience, from selecting their new home to settling their family into their new country lifestyle and community.

Channel: Great American Country

TX: 16th April 2014

Source: Scripps press release


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