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Greenlit: Lucky Bastards, Esquire Network

 Lucky Bastards (10 x ) – Living in New York, you’ve got to have a great group of guy friends. We meet six men who, after decades of friendship, are right where they started: hanging out together and taking advantage of every opportunity New York City has to offer.

The men are entrepreneurs, privileged ne’er-do-wells and even a prince (seriously – one of them is an actual prince). Whether they’re razzing each other around the poker table or convincing gorgeous women to fly with them to Art Basel, these bachelors are living life to the fullest – kicking ass, taking names and getting lots of numbers.

But while they may not let each other get away with anything, they certainly won’t let each other down. As one says, “We bullshit with each other, call each other out … but at the end of the day, we all have each other’s backs.”

  •  Lorenzo Borghese – Lorenzo is a real-life prince who runs several businesses. (You may recognize him from The Bachelor)
  • Rocco Cafferelli – The son of a women’s fashion tycoon, Rocco has confidence and a big personality, but has never had a career. Hoping to start a premium denim line, he chats up beautiful girls as “market research.”
  •  Adam Campbell – Just back from living in L.A., Adam says he’s looking to settle down – but not until he samples every possible female option New York has to offer.
  • Craig Clemens – Craig’s a financially successful cosmetics executive who’s also a first-degree black belt and occasional break dancer. He and Adam have been buds forever, affectionately calling each other “Oldie,” as in “old friend.” 
  • Charles Ferri – After leaving a career in banking to start a vodka brand, Charles will do anything to make it a success. As the only guy in the group with a serious girlfriend, he sometimes finds himself living vicariously through his friends – and every now and then, stepping in as their conscience. 
  • Scott Mitchell – An independent wealth manager, Scott always has several deals going on at a time – and even more women surrounding him. So many, in fact, that his friends have taken to calling these women his “Scottourage.”

Channel: Esquire Network

Producer: True Entertainment

TX: 16th April 2014

Source: Esquire Network press release


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