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Greenlit: Heirs to the Dare, Discovery

Heirs to the Dare – Three famed adrenaline junkies follow in the footsteps of daredevils past, performing dangerous motorcycle stunts that thrill audiences across the country. Henry “Pitbull” Rife, Bubba Blackwell, and Super Joe Reed stop at nothing to perform the most outrageous jumps for the thrills, and fees that come with doing these huge death defying jumps.

Stunt performer and world record holder Bubba Blackwell jumps dangerous distances and is best known for breaking Evel Knievel’s jump records for both cars and buses. He’s known as “king of the Harley” and he’s had some really bad falls with 42 broken bones, to date. Bubba attempts jumps over objects that include helicopters with blades in full rotation as he earns big dollars for big jumps to support his family.

Henry Rife is content jumping an ATV for his local Ohio town where he’s considered a superhero. But he needs to make the leap to a wider audience if he wants to continue being a daredevil. Rife is in it purely for the thrill, but thrills don’t pay the bills. A big jump should mean big money for Rife, but his only payment demands are free popcorn and free movie tickets. Those close to him want Rife to be more like Bubba and earn big bucks for big stunts so he can start profiting from his life as a daredevil.

Super Joe is a veteran and of the wild days of the 1990’s Daredevil scene – he’s retired but wants to get back into the game. Many of the stunts he performed during his career are now illegal, including jumping blindfolded, building to building, which made Evel Knievel himself refer to Super Joe as “crazy”. Frustrated that he isn’t currently jumping, Super Joe plans to do one very big jump to include rockets strapped to his backside to mark the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel’s failed jump across the Snake River Canyon. He’s pumped to get back in the game with a successful jump over the Snake River Canyon.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: NorthSouth Productions

TX: 10th March 2014

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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