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Greenlit: Britain’s Biggest Debtors, Channel 5

Britain’s Biggest Debtors (1 x 60′) – From payday loans to loan sharks and credit cards to catalogue finance, Britain is addicted to debt.  This film reveals some of the worst case scenarios as we meet four people in huge debt and hear their tales of debt disasters which are beyond most borrowers’ worst nightmares. 

For these individuals, life in the red has been worse than they could ever have imagined. Seemingly small decisions have snowballed into financial disaster, such as Debra from County Durham, whose £500 loan for a computer ended up costing her £128,000.  Now they’re each paying the price in more ways than one – with catastrophic results for their jobs, their homes and their families.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Silver River Productions

TX: Spring 2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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