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Greenlit: Britain on a Mission, Channel 4

Britain on a Mission w/t (1 x 0′ + 16 x 3′) – A series of films documenting West African churches and their work in the UK today.

Paralympic Medalist, Ade Adepitan, will look at how various churches of West African religion in the UK are bucking the trend of dwindling church attendance in more traditional churches.

The programs will look at what’s driving the success of these churches plus the doctrines they preach, examining what they offer congregations that other forms of worship don’t, especially in the modern times we live in.

The series of short films will portray people that play a part in the churches and feature strong personal stories and characters, each following an individual, a group or one clearly defined story. From the Pastor planting a new church in a London borough to a convert preparing for their baptism, these short films will give a unique voice to a sector of the population usually not widely seen on television.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Wadell Media

TX: April 2014

Source: Channel 4 press release


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