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Greenlit: 9/11: The Final Chapter? Channel 5

9/11: The Final Chapter –  Documentary that chronicles the continued forensic search for the remains of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks at Ground Zero.  It combines expert testimonial with interviews with the victims’ families who are still hoping for closure, 13 years after the tragic events happened. Channel: Channel 5 Producer: Bearkatt Productions / […]

Greenlit: Stand By Your Man, Channel 5

Stand By Your Man – Girls, get your glad rags on and get in line as Brian McFadden and Laura Jackson host this new dating show.  Which of our single guys will win over the hearts and votes of the majority of the girls and who, from their queue of adoring fans will our eligible bachelors choose to take […]

Greenlit: The History of Contemporary Dance, BBC4

The History Of Contemporary Dance – Brings together the dance community in a new documentary. Channel: BBC4 Producer:  Fresh One Productions in partnership with Sadler’s Wells TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The Golden Age of Singing, BBC4

The Golden Age Of Singing  – Sees Sir Antonio Pappano explore the story of the classical voice across the last 500 years Channel: BBC4 TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The Orchestras, BBC3

The Orchestras (6 x ) – Shines a light on the rarely seen world of classically trained young musicians as they look to establish themselves in one of the country’s most competitive industries. The public will be able to engage with the musicians via a dedicated social media offering to accompany the series. Channel: BBC3 […]

Greenlit: The Big Picture, BBC1

The Big Picture (6 x 60′) – Series that showcases the hidden heroes of British art, proving that you don’t need to be world-famous to create fantastic paintings. Ten passionate amateurs will compete to be crowned Britain’s best artist, pushing their artistic skills to the limit. Channel: BBC1 Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: BBC Arts at…, BBC

BBC Arts at… Arts strand that will take viewers to the heart of live music, theatre and arts events around the UK, showcasing the energy and excitement of Britain’s vast cultural landscape when and where it happens. This major collaboration between television and music will bring the energy and excitement of British culture into the nation’s homes. […]

Greenlit: The Nation’s Favourite Motown Song, ITV

The Nation’s Favourite Motown Song (1 x 90′) – Tells the story behind 20 of Motown’s best-loved songs. It explores the label which became the American soundtrack of the Sixties and beyond, creating a one-stop factory of hit songs and a sophisticated style which set the agenda for generations of pop stars to come. The […]

Greenlit: The Big Adventure, Channel Seven

The Big Adventure – Model Jason Dundas hosts a reality show in which people have to endure extremely challenging conditions in order to compete for an amazing prize. Channel: Channel Seven (Australia) Producer: Seven Productions TX: TBC Source: Channel Seven press release (via if.com.au)

Greenlit: Marine ‘A’: Criminal or Casualty of War? BBC1

Marine ‘A’: Criminal or Casualty of War? – Alexander Blackman, a Royal Marine sergeant, was convicted and jailed for life for shooting an injured Afghan insurgent on the front line. Some condemn him as a war criminal; others claim he is a casualty of war. The nation is divided. Now, the shamed marine, dismissed with […]

Greenlit: Jesus Mysteries, Nat Geo

Jesus Mysteries (1 x 120′) –  Offers a fresh look at the enduring mysteries that surround Jesus’ life from nativity to crucifixion, starring Nick Simmons, son of famed KISS lead singer and bass guitarist Gene Simmons, in the title role. The special’s dramatic reconstructions will be produced in a highly stylised way, bringing to life pivotal moments […]

Greenlit: Print the Legend, Netflix

Print the Legend (1 x ) – Documentary that explores the rise of 3D printing, its pros and cons, and the companies competing for the market share in this new technology. Channel: Netflix Producer:  Steven Klein Director: Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel TX: Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: Blown Away, ABC (Aus)

Blown Away (1 x 60′) – The untold story of Cyclone Tracy 40 years on, exploring the myths and revealing new perspectives on one of the worst natural disasters in Australia’s history. Channel: ABC (Australia) Producer: Brindle Films Pty Ltd and Nirvana Films Pty Ltd TX:  TBC Source: Screen Australia press release

Greenlit: Inside the Inferno – The Science of Bushfires, SBS / BBC

Inside the Inferno – The Science of Bushfires (2 x 52′ ) – To live in Australia is to experience bushfire. As the population grows and as the effects of climate change are felt,  docuseries observes the effects and severity of Australian bushfires and asks if Australia is yet to  experience the worst bushfire season. […]

Greenlit: Mayday: The Passenger Who Landed a Plane, Channel 4

The Passenger Who Landed a Plane (1 x 60′) -Documentary that tells the story of passenger John Wildey who had to take the controls of a single-engine plane when the pilot fell unconscious, relying on guidance from air traffic control to help him land the plane safely. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Arrow Media TX: TBC […]

Greenlit: Cars of the People, BBC2

Cars of the People  (3 x 60′) – James May looks at the cars that have changed Britain. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC TX: Late 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Motorway, BBC2

The Motorway (4 x 60′) – Observational documentary series that features the people who use Britian’s longest motorway, the M6. Channel: BBC2 Producer: The Garden TX: Summer 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Lest We Forget, ABC (Aus)

Lest We Forget (1 x 60′) –  A young woman’s exploration of Australia’s remembrance and forgetting of World War I. Channel: ABC (Australia) Producer: Pony Films Pty Ltd TX:  TBC Source: Screen Australia press release

Greenlit: I Wanna Marry Harry, Fox

I Wanna Marry Harry (aka Dream Date) – Reality meets romance, with a little twist. Summer love is in the air, as an average English “bloke” is given the royal treatment and an upper crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming. Will he be able to convince them he’s regal? […]

Greenlit: Seven Deadly Sins, Showtime

Seven Deadly Sins (7 x 60′) –  An  in-depth look at the weird and darkly comic world of sin,  Hosted by Morgan Spurlock, this stylized documentary series explores each of the seven deadly sins — one per episode — and will be told through Spurlock’s unique and extreme lens. Channel: Showtime Producer: Warrior Poets TX: 7th August […]

Greenlit: Secret Societies of Hollywood, E!

Secret Societies of Hollywood  (4 x 60′) –  Beyond the red carpet and behind the security gates lies a forbidden Hollywood that only the rich and famous know about …until now. Four specials expose the cults, cabals and underground clubs that exist in today’s entertainment industry: Secret Societies of Hollywood: Deals and Dealers Secret Societies […]

Greenlit: Escape Club, E!

Escape Club ( x 60′) – This series sends 12 twenty-somethings looking to escape and reboot their lives to an exclusive, exotic resort where they will do whatever it takes to keep their place in paradise.  Those daydreaming about changing the course of their lives are now given the opportunity to drop everything, fully disconnect and […]

Greenlit: The Dentists, ITV

The Dentists (1 x 60′) –  Observational documentary that follows the staff and patients at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester as they deal with tricky teeth and facio-maxillary problems. Channel: ITV Producer: Keo Films TX: 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Nazi War Diggers, Nat Geo Europe

Nazi War Diggers (4 x ) – Follows a diverse team of experts as it explores WWII battlefields on WWII’s Eastern Front. The series travels to remote forests and fields of Eastern Europe, where the team hunt down stories of war and uncover relics from the area’s violent past. The team consists of Stephen Taylor […]

Greenlit: Watch Out, There’s A Shoplifter About! Channel 5

Watch Out, There’s a Shoplifter About!  (1 x 60′) –    This documentary from reveals the incredible deceit and trickery used by the sophisticated world of shoplifters, plus how to spot and shop them. Store thieves strike every seven minutes – and cost the retail industry £0.5bn every year. With access to amazing CCTV footage of […]

Greenlit: Running Riot: Britain’s Teen Crims, Channel 5

Running Riot: Britain’s Teen Crims w/t (1 x 60′) – Explores the realities of life for some of Britain’s most notorious young offenders, and the incredible life-shattering crimes they perpetrate. The documentary follows the ‘ASBROS’ – two brothers amongst the country’s youngest ever to receive an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) who terrorised a whole community […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Crime Capitals, Channel 5

Britain’s Crime Capitals (4 x 60′) – Nick Wallis exposes the fight on crime in some of Britain’s major cities including Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester.   The series explores Birmingham’s gang crime; Liverpool’s long battle with guns; Manchester and its war on drug related crime and Glasgow’s long association with knife crime and stabbing. Exploring […]

Greenlit: Web of Deceit, TLC

Web of Deceit (1 x 60′) – Explores what happens when people lie online and follows the work of the private investigators who are hired to find out the truth. Channel: TLC TX: 16th April 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, Nat Geo WILD

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet – In the frozen Yukon Territory in Northern Canada, you’ve got to be hearty and tough. You’ve got to expect solitude across frigid, remote landscapes with freezing temperatures, but even in the desolate wilderness you need a vet to help your ailing wiener dog. This series follows Dr. Michelle Oakley, veterinarian, […]

Greenlit: Cyberstalkers, TLC

Cyberstalkers (1 x 60′) – Uses reconstructions to look at what happens when people’s online relationships take an unhealthy and worrying turn. Channel: TLC TX: 9th April 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: I Bought My Own Rainforest, BBC2 / Viasat (Central Europe and Scandinavia)

I Bought My Own Rainforest (3 x 60′) – Natural history photography Charlie Hamilton-Jones bought an area of rainforest in Peru in an attempt to save it being destroyed and this series follows the story. Channel: BBC2  / SBS (Australia) / Viasat (Central Europe and Scandinavia) Producer: Keo Films TX: Spring 2014 Source: C21 Media

Up: Philip Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts

Phil Edgar-Jones has been appointed as Director of Sky Arts, taking over from James Hunt. Prior to this he was Head of Entertainment at Sky. Source: Broadcast

Out: James Hunt, Director, Sky Arts

James Hunt is leaving his post of Director of Sky Arts. He will be replaced by Philip Edgar-Jones. Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Motor City Masters, truTV

Motor City Masters (10 x 60′) –  Fasten your seatbelt. The search is on for America’s next great car designer.  Hosted by Brooke Burns (Baywatch, Melrose Place), the series  brings together 10 experienced designers, with various specialties and backgrounds, all of whom share a passion for car design. In each episode, the contestants will have […]

In: Tracey Lentz, VP Unscripted Programming, AMC

Tracey Lentz has joined AMC Network as VP of unscripted programming. Lentz, who will be based in LA, is an experienced programming executive who will focus on developing compelling unscripted series that resonate with AMC viewers and live alongside the network’s original scripted series and classic films. She will report to Eliot Goldberg, the network’s senior […]

Greenlit: The Limbless Mountaineer, Channel 5

The Limbless Mountaineer – Documentary that follows quadruple amputee Jamie Andrew as he attempts to climb the Matterhorn. The ascent is hard going for any experienced mountaineer with 1,200 rescues made on the peak every year, but 15 years ago Jamie lost his hands and feet to frostbite. This film pays tribute to his extreme […]

Greenlit: Rico Suave, VH1

Rico Suave w/t – Follows the work and home life of music executive and singer Gerardo Mejia. Channel: VH1 Producer: Blank Paige Prods. TX: Late 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: D-Day’s Sunken Secrets, PBS

Nova: D-Day’s Sunken Secrets – On June 6, 1944, the Allies launched the D-Day invasion against the heavily defended Normandy beaches to liberate Europe from the Nazis. Throughout the operation, hundreds of ships sank while running the gauntlet of mines and bunkers, creating one of the world’s largest underwater archaeological sites. Now, 70 years later, […]

In Development: Star Crossed Lovers, GSN

Star Crossed Lovers w/t –   You have notoriously bad taste in lovers. Online dating is a bust, and your friend’s setups are even worse. It’s time for a radical new approach to dating. This show is a new twist on a dating game designed to help lovelorn singles find their perfect match by crowd-sourcing opinions from the […]

In Development: The Line, GSN

The Line  –   A traveling game show that sets up shop in different cities across America. Potential contestants will join in the hopes of making it to the front of the line to the Tent where contestants enter one at a time to try to win the jackpot. But in this game, getting to the front […]

Greenlit: Prepper Hillbillies, Destination America

Prepper Hillbillies – Docuseries that features people in South Georgia, USA who are doing everything they can to increase their personal security and ensure their families’ survival in the event that they come under attack from threats, predators or extreme natural events. Channel: Destination America TX: 5th April 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Lucky Bastards, Esquire Network

 Lucky Bastards (10 x ) – Living in New York, you’ve got to have a great group of guy friends. We meet six men who, after decades of friendship, are right where they started: hanging out together and taking advantage of every opportunity New York City has to offer. The men are entrepreneurs, privileged ne’er-do-wells […]

Greenlit: Kevin and the Mechanibals, Channel 4

Kevin and the Mechanibals (1 x 90′) – Three Designers. One Plane. Zero Waste. Kevin McCloud challenges three designers to turn an entire Airbus A320 into hundreds of amazing new products in a giant ‘Up-cycling’ experiment. Their task is to find a new use for every single piece of the plane, leaving only an empty […]

Greenlit: Monkeys Revealed, BBC, France Televisions, Wowow, SVT

Monkeys Revealed w/t -Travels the world to find monkeys, lemurs and apes. Channel: BBC / France Televisions / Wowow (Japan), SVT (Sweden) Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Mud, Sweat & Gears, BBC Brit, BBC America

Mud, Sweat & Gears – Adrenaline-charged vehicle transformation series hosted by Brits Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford and Jonny Smith, two real-life friends and UK car journalists, the daredevil pair work as rival team captains, accompanied by two fellow car enthusiasts.  Together they have 24 hours to mutate, supersize or reconstruct ordinary vehicles and engage in perilous […]

Greenlit: Ultimate Dealer, Channel 4

Ultimate Dealer w/t (15 x 30′) – Across the series, real life dealers will go head to head, each trying to make most profit and be crowned the ‘Ultimate Dealer’. The Monday to Thursday instalments will see two new dealers each day competing to buy items at auction and sell them off to try to […]

Greenlit: Tearing Up History, BBC4

Tearing Up History  – A journey through the dramatic and destructive years of the French Revolution, telling history in a way not seen before – through the extraordinary story of its art. Our guide through this turbulent decade is the constantly surprising Dr Richard Clay, an art historian who has spent his life decoding the […]

Greenlit: Rolando Meets Don Giovanni, BBC2

Rolando Meets Don Giovanni w/t  – Acclaimed tenor Rolando Villazon explores the story of one of the best-known operas of all time in Rolando The first ever performance of the opera was an enormous success, delighting both Mozart and the city that had taken him to their hearts. But what brought them all, composer and […]

Up: Drew Tappon, SVP Development & Programming, A&E Network

Drew Tappon has been appointed as Senior Vice President, Development and Programming at A&E Network.  Tappon will be responsible for the development and production of A&E’s nonfiction, alternative and reality series and will report to David McKillop, Executive Vice President & General Manager, A&E.  He is based in A&E’s New York City headquarters. Drew Tappon […]

Greenlit: The Shatner Project, DIY Network

The Shatner Project (5 x ) –  Docuseries that follows actor William Shatner as he and his wife renovate their home. Channel: DIY Network Producer: Scott Sternberg Productions TX: October 2013 Source: Realscreen

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