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Greenlit: The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door, Channel 5

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (6 x 60′) –  A eries in which viewers will be able to delve into the most extreme and extraordinary neighbour disputes and witness some of Britain’s worst offenders in a compelling portrait of modern Britain.

There are six million complaints about nightmare neighbours every year and most people have had their own experiences of threatening dogs, wall-shaking noisy parties or the odd aggressive domestic. Living with the nightmares next door these small irritations can become part of everyday life often for years on end. This series tells the traumatic, shocking, humorous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours. Viewers will witness perpetrators being caught in the act and their actions being filmed on camera. Footage will be revealed from victims’ own cameras, CCTV and phones, and used to prove the nightmare was real.

We’ll also see how long fought battles result in ASBO’s, evictions and sometimes violence. But how do you end the nightmare?

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Fame Television Productions

TX: Spring 2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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