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Greenlit: The Man Who Fought the Planners: The Story of Ian Nairn, BBC4

The Man Who Fought The Planners: The Story Of Ian Nairn  (1 x 60′) –  This programme looks back at Ian Nairn, who in the 1950s, was part of a new breed of Angry Young Men. Aged just 25 and fresh out of the RAF, he burst onto the architectural scene with Outrage, a blistering attack on the soulless destruction of Britain by shoddy post-war planning. Published in the influential Architectural Review in June 1955, it led to the formation of The Civic Trust, whose remit was to tackle the “subtopian” eyesores Nairn had so graphically exposed.

Over the next two decades, he became a tireless and passionate campaigner, both in print and on the BBC – his appearances on television were unconventionally and refreshingly raw, angry and emotional.

Close colleagues – such as Nairn’s editor on the Sunday Times and a raft of admirers, including Jonathan Meades, Jonathan Glancey, Kieran Long, Ian Jack, David McKie and Gillian Darley (authors of ‘Ian Nairn: Words in Place’, pub 2013) pay tribute to a remarkable man who made us look afresh at the world around us.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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