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Greenlit: Secrets of the Dolphin House, BBC4

Secrets of The Dolphin House (1 x 50′) –  Documentary that explores an extraordinary inter-species experiment which took place in the 1960s.

In 1965, physicist and neuroscientist John Lilly began a unique experiment, in which a fully grown male bottle-nosed dolphin and a young woman lived together, 24 hours a day, in a flooded house. The aim was to find out whether a dolphin can learn to speak and understand English, but as the weeks went by, the experiment turned in to a far darker experience than anyone could have imagined.

This is an astonishing film of burgeoning dolphin communication research, which reveals the almost unbelievable tale of one of the Sixties’ most controversial experiments into animal intelligence involving an extraordinary plan for extra-terrestrial contact and a frustrated interspecies triangle between Lilly, researcher Margaret Howe, and a dolphin named Peter.

The programme also features an interview with Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges, who knew Lilly in the Seventies and Eighties.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC

TX: Late 2014

Source: BBC press release


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