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Greenlit: Police 5, Channel 5

Police 5 –  Crime prevention series that helps viewers avoid becoming victims of crime.

Presented by Joe Crowley, with Kate McIntyre as roving reporter, the series is presented on location in a real-life CCTV control room. Complete with a unique brand of hidden camera crime prevention, the secrets of the thieves’ trade, up-to-the-minute crime news and appeals and original features and guests, the show is a fast-paced show dedicated to catching criminals, solving crime – and giving viewers the advice and help they need to avoid becoming victims. It’ll feature appeals for the most wanted criminals, the latest crime caught on CCTV and in-depth special reports on everything from dangerous dogs to the use of reasonable force, bogus callers and suburban cannabis growers.

Plus Shaw Taylor, the original TV crime fighter, is coming back to our screens to ask viewers to “keep ’em peeled” with his own section of the programme, in which he’ll set out to reunite theft victims with what’s rightfully theirs.

Presenters  Joe Crowley and Kate McIntyre are with the police as they go on raids and they’ll talk to the ‘DIY’ detectives and the have-a-go heroes who fought back to bring about justice. The show also features a unique brand of crime prevention. Hidden camera stunts will see ‘real’ crimes being committed by our presenters, then revealed to the ‘victims’ in order to help them avoid getting caught out in the future. Using sleight of hand and distraction, experts reveal thieves’ tricks of the trade; concentrating on crimes that are most likely to happen to ordinary families and in towns and cities across Britain: burglaries, muggings, shoplifting, car crime, identity theft, anti-social behaviour.

Police 5 is made in conjunction with the support of Crimestoppers, the only independent UK crime-fighting registered charity who operate the anonymous 0800 555 111 number for people to pass on information about crime.

The aim is to put criminals behind bars – and help viewers avoid becoming victims.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: ITN Productions


Source: Channel 5 press release


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