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Greenlit: Building Penguin Paradise, Nat Geo WILD

Building Penguin Paradise (1 x 60′) – Forty-five-foot-high icebergs, temperatures below freezing and hundreds of penguins … doesn’t sound like sunny Florida, right? Think again. SeaWorld Orlando is making the impossible happen with its biggest project since opening 40 years ago – it is building a penguin paradise. And this film show exactly how the journey to give more than 200 penguins their very own Antarctic heaven will unfold.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin(TM) recently opened at SeaWorld Orlando, and the filmmakers were given special access to capture the 18-month ambitious project to construct the most elaborate penguin attraction in the world. We watch front row as every detail of the exhibit is perfectly designed so these fun-loving penguins can enjoy a safe adjustment into their new home. With unbelievable behind-the-scenes footage, the film uncovers the marvelous feats of SeaWorld’s largest-ever realm, which includes a family adventure ride and culinary and retail shops. The reveal of this extravagant 6,125-square-foot Antarctic home in Florida can’t come any sooner for these patient penguins who are just ready to chill out.

We’ll follow the astonishing achievements of engineering necessary to accomplish such an elaborate project including carving picture-perfect ice formations in the sizzling Florida heat and installing a viewing window the weight of a school bus. Incredible footage of the penguins taken in their natural habitat will showcase each of the four species’ special qualities: the Gentoos’ ability to swim five times faster than an Olympic swimmer, the silly Adelies’ belly-sledding technique, the Rockhoppers’ hopping and climbing prowess and the Kings’ majestic flirting moves. There is never a dull moment with these little guys.

Channel: Nat Geo WILD

Producer: Arrow Media

TX: 2nd March 2014

Source: Nat Geo WILD press release (via The Futon Critic)


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