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Greenlit: Best and Final Offer, Channel 4

Best and Final Offer –  Each episode follows one sizzling- hot home-for-sale and all of the hopeful contenders in the running to buy it; who will have their best and final offer accepted?

Each week the programme features the owners of one very des-res that’s been placed on the market and the estate agent trying to manage a powerful wave of interest from multiple home-hungry house-hunters. The programme culminates with the reveal of which buyer put in the Best and Final Offer and secured their (and everyone else’s!) dream home.

Best and Final Offer gives a glimpse into the often fraught process that buyers go through once they have set their hearts on a property. From the heated and emotional discussions behind closed doors with each other and their families to borrowing and mortgage options and tactics that they hope will help seal the deal. The programme offers an insight to what really goes on in Britain’s hugely competitive property market.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Superhero Television


Source: Channel 4 press release


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