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Greenlit: Welcome to Fairfax, Pivot

Welcome to Fairfax (10 x 30′) –  A behind-the scenes look at a vibrant, artistic and unique community that has emerged in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, as seen through the eyes of some of the young visionaries who inhabit it. The neighborhood, which is often visited by megastars who themselves are looking for the newest fads, is a crossroads of the skate-life and rap-life filled with the next wave of young trendsetters and innovators who are willing to defy the odds in order to achieve greatness.

Each episode spotlights Millennials with varying interests who share the same mantra, “Dream Big, Grind Hard and Be Chill”:

  • Mizzle is a self-taught entrepreneur and social activist, determined to grow his fashion brand on a global level to support his family;
  • Felicia, his make-up artist girlfriend, is striving to create her own brand while caring for her sibling who struggles with addiction;
  • The CBG: Chill Black Guys, a rap group with a distinctive sound and message of being true to who you are and owningwhatever you are passionate about.

Channel: Pivot

Producer: Matador

TX: October 2014

Source: Pivot press release


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