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Greenlit: The Search for Alfred the Great, BBC2

The Search for Alfred the Great (1 x 60′) –  A documentary with exclusive access to a team of historians and scientists as they reveal the discovery of pelvic bone that could belong to King Alfred the Great or his eldest son, Edward the Elder.

Presented by Neil Oliver, the results of rigorous skeletal and radiocarbon dating tests are revealed, along with supporting historical evidence that show that the piece of bone could be that of Alfred – an important find in the search for remains that began over 200 years ago.

The documentary follows initial investigations of an unmarked grave that was rumoured to contain the remains of King Alfred. However, when these bones were found not to be of the right age or date, an unexpected new piece of archaeological evidence came to light and the search was reignited from evidence stored at Winchester Museum.”

Channel: BBC2

TX: 21st January 2014

Source: BBC press release


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