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Greenlit: Shark Commanders, Sportsman Channel

Shark Commanders (10 x ) – Ten teams of four battle 15-foot swells, dangerous weather, broken equipment, lost lines and more as they head out in the night to hunt the top of the ocean food chain: the mako shark. This nightly series is a behind-the-scenes look at the characters and the ups and downs of what these shark hunters endure.

The 10 teams, five from each coast, are ultimately vying for the all-tackle world record, not to mention bragging rights. Teammates that work together and function as a team – especially in the heat of battle – are by far the single most important element to successful mako shark fishing. Each team consists of a rod man, the one who reels the shark in; a gaff man, the one who ultimately “sticks” the shark to help bring it in the boat; a leader man and the boat driver.

With the west coast hunters issuing a challenge readily accepted by the east coasters, $1 million prize money on the line, plus a custom 23-foot Pro-Line Super Sport boat, it’s a battle of teamwork…or failure.

During the series, viewers will watch all teams during qualifying tournaments on each coast, which will determine what five teams make it to the final rounds in Marina del Ray, Calif. and New Bedford, Mass.

Which coast has the best shark hunters?

Channel: Sportsman Channel

Producer: Gurney Productions

TX: 13th January 2014

Source: Sportsman Channel press release


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