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Greenlit: Revealing: Celebutante, Sundance Channel

Revealing: Celebutante  (1 x 60′) – Through compelling social experiments and in-depth interviews with industry insiders, ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee reveals the power of fame.

The world loves celebrities, and the fashion world can’t get enough of them. The right look and enough exposure can turn almost anyone into a fashion icon. Meanwhile style bloggers often garner more of the limelight than the runway shows they’re covering. In this special, Joe Zee pokes at the fame bubble to reveal what drives our obsession with celebrity and what it takes to become one. Can he create an overnight media sensation from scratch during New York Fashion Week? With help from experts like Carolina Herrera, Tom & Lorenzo, and Simon Doonan, Zee examines the ever-growing, ever-twisted relationship between fame and fashion.

In one social experiment two men run errands in New York City; one is an ordinary man, the other is a Tom Cruise look-alike. Will they be treated differently by those they encounter? In another experiment Zee asks a group of people to look at various high and low end celebrity designed wardrobe items next to pieces from a mass retailer. Can they separate celebrity designed clothes from mass produced ones? And will they be able to identify the star that designed them? Lastly, Zee holds a faux reality show casting call and invites people to do outrageous things to be cast. How far will the average person go to achieve fame?

Contributing their views on fame and fashion are: fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier; fashion bloggers Tom & Lorenzo; Barneys Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan; Women’s Wear Daily Executive Editor Bridget Foley; legendary supermodel China Machado; CEO, People’s Revolution Kelly Cutrone; Into the Gloss Founder and Creative Director Emily Weiss; fashion photographer, blogger and Advanced Style author Ari Seth Cohen; stylist Leslie Fremar; journalist and Bargain Fever author Mark Ellwood; The Marketing Arm Entertainment Director Robert Familetti; Photographer, Blogger and creator of TheSatorialist.com Scott Schuman; Wall Street Journal columnist Teri Agins; fashion blogger Bryanboy; Columbia University History Professor David Eisenbach; and fashion historian Valerie Steele. Returning from previous special Revealing: Extravagance to weigh in are model, actress and entrepreneur Iman and fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Channel: Sundance Channel

TX: 5th February 2014

Source: Sundance Channel press release


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