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Greenlit: Jo Frost Family Matters, ITV

Jo Frost Family Matters (35 x 60′) – Supernanny Jo Frost hosts a talk show aimed at helping families in crisis.

Families will include absent parents whose grown-up children have disowned them and tear-away teens turning their homes into war zones; recently formed step-families struggling to accept their new living arrangements and families torn apart by extra marital affairs. The series will see Jo explore the conflict and emotion and offer real, workable solutions.
Each programme will see Jo meet two families with different problems. A visit recorded in the contributors’ home will capture first hand the challenges that are tearing the family unit apart. Jo will expertly talk through these issues and cradle the family’s vulnerabilities before finally helping the family to find some resolution in her genuine no-nonsense Jo Frost style.
Channel: ITV Daytime

Producer: ITV Studios


Source: ITV press release


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