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Greenlit: Going Wild, Nat Geo

Going Wild  (3 x 60′) – Imagine not being able to support your family or love your spouse, or feeling like you have lost all control of your life. Your loved ones don’t know what to do. You feel alone. Is there hope? Can you get your life back? Will you be able to feel alive again? With the help of adventure and survival expert Tim Medvetz, Americans around the country who have hit rock bottom are discovering themselves through a rigorous three-day wildlife intervention adventure forcing them to face their fears and problems head on.

We’re packing our bags to tag along with host Tim Medvetz and ordinary people stuck in extraordinary ruts, who embark on epic physical, mental and emotional journeys that brings them closer to nature and, at the same time, closer to their true selves. After hearing from their loved ones, Tim drops in unsuspectingly to take everyday people away from the monotony of their lives and throws them into remote and unforgiving locations.

Tim pushes people to their absolute limits, navigating life-threatening terrain, hunting for food and water and forcing them to build their own shelter in brutal locations. We follow along as Tim takes participants on trips into some of the toughest regions of the country including Mount St. Helens in Washington; the Owyhee Canyon lands on the border of Oregon, Nevada and Idaho; and the Moab Desert in Utah.

Going Wild: On the Rocks – Kym and Michael Cook have had a rocky 25-year relationship. They’ve been married and divorced, and have since remarried. But with Kym working two jobs to support her unemployed husband and four children, the financial strain has put their love on the rocks again. Not knowing where to turn and willing to try anything, they come to Tim with an open mind to save them from going through divorce once again. Tim leads them on a canyoneering expedition in the Owyhee Canyon lands — 9 million acres of inaccessible wilderness spread across Idaho, Oregon and Nevada, where they are forced to rely on each other and, hopefully, learn to love one another once more. For the Cooks, it’s the ideal environment to save their marriage because to stay alive for the next three days, they’ll have to communicate, cooperate and literally put their lives in each other’s hands. We’ll see tempers flare and emotions run high. And what might be the toughest three days these two have spent together might be exactly what they need.

Going Wild: Trial by Fire –  When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, it was the largest explosion ever recorded. Since then it has exploded more than 20 times. Tim is hoping it’s the perfect place to put Kris Hartman’s life back on solid ground. Kris lost his sister eight years ago and the pain has pushed him to drink every night, which has pulled him away from his family. He comes home each night after work and takes a shot of alcohol in honor of his sister, then buries himself in hours of mindless TV. Tim steps in to begin Kris’ journey to Mount St. Helens. Loaded with 60 pounds of gear and armed with a small knife, Kris must endure an expedition that’s designed to push him physically and mentally. Throughout his adventure, Kris forges his way up the volatile volcano, rappels into caves, scrambles across dangerous rocks and learns to use an ice axe to prevent a deadly fall — all without having a nightly drop of alcohol for the first time in years. We’ll see him reach his own personal summit and finally release the pain of his sister’s death.

Going Wild: No Place to Hide – Michelle Blackwell became a successful mover and shaker in the entertainment industry. But despite her lofty achievements, like many women, she ultimately walked away from her career to raise a family. After more than a decade of giving everything of herself to others, Michelle has no goals or sense of self-worth. To help Michelle find the fighter hidden deep inside, Tim leads her on an excruciating trip through the unforgiving desert of Moab, Utah. Huge temperature swings — up to 114 degrees during the day and as low as minus 24 at night — punish anything that dares to cross the barren landscape. Michelle admits she’s only afraid of three things: heights, deep water and snakes. Unfortunately for her, she’s about to face all of them head on! It’s no walk in the park, but one by one, Michelle faces each fear to ultimately fight her way through the desert and reignite the fighting spirit deep within.

Channel: National Geographic

Producer: Shin America

TX: 3rd March 2014

Source: National Geographic press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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