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Greenlit: Generation Job: The Pursuit to Find Better, Pivot

Generation Job: The Pursuit to Find Better 91 x 30′) – Documentary that follows three inspiring stories of Lisi (31), Allah Jesus (28), and Tiffany (27) & Shala (30), on their path to find work and transform passion into a career. Viewers will see each of their challenges, anxieties and triumphs, as they ultimately learn what it takes to Find Better®.

San-Francisco based graphic designer Lisi, who is torn between accepting a job in India that gives her a deeper sense of purpose or interviewing for a lucrative job at a prominent Internet company; Allah Jesus, living in Brooklyn, is striving to break into corporate America and help companies and individuals communicate their authentic selves to the world through unorthodox means like his “Jesus For Hire” campaign; Tiffany & Shala, two budding entrepreneurs in Washington D.C, are risking it all to open up their own business – Creative Colony, a co-working space for creative professionals.

The special is a component of a previously announced multi-tier initiative between Monster and Pivot providing the largest generation of people to enter the workforce in decades with the tools and knowledge to “Find Better” in their lives and careers despite a challenging economic environment and competitive job market.

A web exclusive version of the documentary and additional video content including digital shorts will also be made available at FindBetter.com/Stories and takepart.com/findbetter.

Channel: Pivot

Producer: Pivot / Monster

TX: 27th January 2014

Source: Participant Media press release


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