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Greenlit: Dangerous Toys, Discovery Channel

Dangerous Toys (1 x 60′) – After years of working together, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of MythBusters are finally squaring off against each other as they fabricate the necessary components to play an elaborate child’s game of war. They use ingenuity and innovation as they try to take each other down.

The show features Savage and Hyneman’s adult interpretations of a child’s game of war, where a sandcastle could be a fortress and a cardboard box can open an entire universe of play. To help create their vehicles, weapons and fortifications, they tap back into a child’s imagination with their  brain trust, a group of pre-teens who offer up limitless ideas and soaring imaginations.

A 25-foot couch fort and explosive robotic armies are just a few of the replicas Savage and Hyneman assemble. In the end there is one simple goal: to bring each other down. Hyneman will do whatever he can to conquer Savage’s fort while Savage does the same as each man fends off a succession of blistering attacks. This battle between Hyneman and Savage has been years in the making, and only one man will stand victorious in the end.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Discovery Studios / BermanBraun

TX: 11th January 2014

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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