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Greenlit: Children on the Frontline, Channel 4

Dispatches: Children on the Frontline  – The children of Syria are often the forgotten victims in the ongoing civil war. More than eleven thousand children have been killed and over a million are now refugees. Syria’s largest city Aleppo, has become engulfed by fighting between pro and anti-regime groups and over two thousand children have been killed there. Schools have shut, food is in serious shortage and there is the constant threat of shelling, sniper fire and kidnap.

Against this stark backdrop, award winning photojournalist Marcel Mettelsiefen spent nine months filming the moving story of five young children whose lives have been changed forever by the war in Syria. They are three young sisters Helen, Farah and Sara and their brother Mohammed; whose father is a rebel commander in Aleppo and Aboude a singer and poster boy for the Syrian uprising.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: ITN Productions

TX: 22nd January 2014

Source: Channel 4 press release


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