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Greenlit: Jobs That Don’t Suck, MTV2

Jobs That Don’t Suck ( x 30′) – Stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz hosts this series in which he hilariously guides viewers through the innovative ways that young Americans are getting rich by doing what they love. Each week, Schulz will be joined by restaurant mogul Eddie Huang, a New York Times best seller and host […]

Greenlit: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Investigation Discovery

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (1 x 60′) –  Host Wendy Williams is the viewer’s best friend giving advice and relatable wisdom as she turns the camera onto breakup stories that are stranger than any tabloid rumor. Using recreations and interviews with the exes featured, this show sheds light on those who have felt […]

Greenlit: Lucha Libre, El Rey

Lucha Libre ( x 60′)  – A series following the launch of a new lucha libre wrestling league. In Mexico, lucha libre is hugely successful, rating behind only soccer as the most popular sport on television. In addition to launching the weekly series, the new venture is developing monthly and quarterly specials and live pay-per-view […]

Greenlit: Stem Cell Universe With Stephen Hawking, Science

Stem Cell Universe With Stephen Hawking –  The use of embryonic stem cells has ignited fierce debate across the spiritual and political spectrum. But what if we could create man-made stem cells – or find super cells in adults that could forever replace embryonic cells and remove the controversy? Today, we are on the brink […]

Greenlit: Ultimate Wheels, History UK

Ultimate Wheels (8 x 60′) -Mechanic Will Trickett and Elo, founder of the London Motor Museum, work on tricking out a range of vehicles to turn them into something new. Channel: History UK Producer: Splash Media TX: Spring 2014 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Death Row Stories, CNN

Death Row Stories (8 x 60′) – Susan Sarandon narrates a documentary series about America’s most compelling capital murder cases. Each episode will unravels a different capital murder case that has twists and turns worthy of a crime thriller.  All of these stories are true, and call into question the myriad of beliefs about the […]

Greenlit: Welcome to Fairfax, Pivot

Welcome to Fairfax (10 x 30′) –  A behind-the scenes look at a vibrant, artistic and unique community that has emerged in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, as seen through the eyes of some of the young visionaries who inhabit it. The neighborhood, which is often visited by megastars who themselves are looking for […]

Greenlit: Human Resources, Pivot

Human Resources (aka TerraCycle)(10 x 30′) – Documenting the non-stop and deadline-driven world of an innovative New Jersey-based company touted as the “coolest little start-up in America,” this is a comedic “occu-series” about an eccentric entrepreneur, Tom Szaky, and his staff, who have made it their mission to eliminate the concept of waste. A 32-year-old […]

Greenlit: An Hour to Save Your Life, BBC2

An Hour To Save Your Life (3 x 60’) – Docuseries that follows the work of doctors who have to race against time to save the lives of their seriously ill patients. Channel: BBC2 / The Open University Producer: Boundless TX: TBC Source: C21 Media

Pitching Tips For the Terrified From Danish Producer Sigrid Dyekjær

If you are planning to pitch your documentary to funders you’ll no doubt spend much time on displacement activities such as dusting and doing the washing up rather than knuckling down and actually preparing your pitch. Nobody likes pitching; it’s an uncomfortable, exposing and potentially embarrassing experience – especially if you are unfortunate to be pitching your project at one of the big forums such as Hot Docs in Toronto or IDFA in Amsterdam. Never been to a forum before? Scroll down to see what that actually looks like (and weep). But if you are going to get your film financed you’ll have to pitch it at some point, there’s no getting out of it so you may as well get used to it.

At IDFA 2013, Danish producer Sigrid Dyekjær came to the rescue with her inspiring pitching tips in a session called The Future of the Art of Pitching. Sigrid Dyekjær is the founder/co-owner of Danish Documentary Production and was due to pitch some of the projects she used as case studies at the IDFA Forum later in the festival. (Photo (C) TVMole)

Greenlit: Deadly Dilemmas, Discovery

Deadly Dilemmas – This series asks viewers to ponder some seriously extreme life or death hypothetical scenarios. In each episode, they simply have to decide which course of action will leave them dead or alive. Featuring amazing clips, huge self-generated experiments and bizarre real life case studies from around the world, the series will attempt to […]

Greenlit: Going Wild, Nat Geo

Going Wild  (3 x 60′) – Imagine not being able to support your family or love your spouse, or feeling like you have lost all control of your life. Your loved ones don’t know what to do. You feel alone. Is there hope? Can you get your life back? Will you be able to feel alive […]

Greenlit: Spy World, Travel Channel

Spy World  (8 x 60′) –  Reconstructs the famous and the forgotten spy stories from World War II and Cold War Moscow to the back streets of Beirut, Lebanon and the glitzy clubs of New York City. Pulled from the formerly classified case files of the CIA, FBI and international spy agencies, each episode takes […]

Greenlit: Ace the Game, Travel Channel

Ace the Game  (13 x 30′) –  Casino consultant and host Sal Piacente as treks across the country bringing his unique experience and perspective to help potential travelers and players hone their winning strategies. From carnival, state-fair and boardwalk games to bar bets and street hustles, each episode of this new series features Piacente giving […]

Greenlit: Help! I’m Snowtrapped, Channel 5

Help! I’m Snowtrapped (1 x 60′) – Documentary that uses user generated footage and eyewitness interviews to explore what happens when people get trapped in the snow in the countryside, in the mountains or on the road. Channel: Channel 5 Producer: Leopard Films/ Group M Entertainment TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Jo Frost Family Matters, ITV

Jo Frost Family Matters (35 x 60′) – Supernanny Jo Frost hosts a talk show aimed at helping families in crisis. Families will include absent parents whose grown-up children have disowned them and tear-away teens turning their homes into war zones; recently formed step-families struggling to accept their new living arrangements and families torn apart […]

Greenlit: Generation Job: The Pursuit to Find Better, Pivot

Generation Job: The Pursuit to Find Better 91 x 30′) – Documentary that follows three inspiring stories of Lisi (31), Allah Jesus (28), and Tiffany (27) & Shala (30), on their path to find work and transform passion into a career. Viewers will see each of their challenges, anxieties and triumphs, as they ultimately learn […]

Up: Kamico Drakes, Director, Development, Collins Avenue

Kamico Drakes has been promoted to the role of Director of Development  at Collins Avenue in Los Angeles. Read more: Realscreen

Up: Lindsay Schwartz, VP Development and Business Affairs, Collins Avenue

Lindsay Schwartz has been promoted to the role of Vice President of Development and Business Affairs at Collins Avenue in Los Angeles. Read more: Realscreen

In: Melanie Moreau, SVP Development, Collins Avenue

Melanie Moreau has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Development at Collins Avenue in Los Angeles. Read more: Realscreen

Up: Stewart Morris, Head of Development, Original Productions

Stewart Morris has been promoted to Head of Development from Vice President of Development, at Original Productions.  He was part of the London based Original Productions UK Entertainment LLP group from its inception in 2006. In the summer of 2012 Morris moved to Original Productions in Los Angeles to join the OP team as Vice […]

Greenlit: The Surgery: Medicating Lewisham, Channel 5

 The Surgery: Medicating Lewisham (4 x 60′) –  A series that takes us to the heart of the doctors’ surgery. By fitting a fixed camera rig to the consulting rooms of a local surgery in Lewisham we are given exclusive access to some of the 500+ patients who pass through St John’s Medical Centre every […]

Greenlit: Polka Kings, Reelz

Polka Kings ( x 30′) –  Reality series that viewers on a wild journey with The Chardon Polka Band as they try to survive each other and keep their personal and professional lives from derailing their quest for stardom. Giving the traditional music genre a modern twist, these polka pioneers are willing to do whatever […]

Greenlit: Revealing: Celebutante, Sundance Channel

Revealing: Celebutante  (1 x 60′) – Through compelling social experiments and in-depth interviews with industry insiders, ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee reveals the power of fame. The world loves celebrities, and the fashion world can’t get enough of them. The right look and enough exposure can turn almost anyone into a fashion icon. Meanwhile style […]

Greenlit: Dark Rye, Pivot

Dark Rye – This series is based on the online magazine of the same name created by Whole Foods Market.   The publication, through stories, recipes and creative projects, encourages imagination and inspires its audience to try something new by exploring the realms of  food, health, sustainability, design, technology and social enterprise. The first season highlights […]

Up: Patrick Jager, SVP Development and Production, High Noon Entertainment

Patrick Jager has been promoted to the role of Senior Vice President at High Noon Entertainment, overseeing development in the LA, NYC and Denver offices and reporting to Jim Berger, CEO Read more: Realscreen

In: James Bolosh, VP Development and Programming, FYI

James Bolosh has been appointed as Vice President of Development and Programming at FYI, reporting to Gena McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Programming. Source: Realscreen  

In: Liz Fine, VP Development and Programming, FYI

Liz Fine has been appointed as Vice President of Development and Programming at FYI, reporting to Gena McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Programming. Source: Realscreen  

In: Iain Scollay, Creative Executive, Mentorn Scotland

Iain Scollay has been appointed as Creative Executive at Mentorn Scotland, based in Glasgow, charged with developing new ideas and overseeing their production. Source: Broadcast

In: Rex Vigil, VP Development, Leopard USA

Rex Vigil has been appointed as Vice President Development at Leopard Films USA, based in NYC and reporting to Dave Hamilton, Senior Vice President. Source: Broadcast

In: Elyse Seder, VP Development, T Group Productions

Elyse Seder has been appointed as Vice President of Development at T Group Productions in Santa Monica, reporting to president Jenny Daly and with a remit to develop US formats and character driven series. Source: Realscreen  

Up: Rob Lobl, EVP Development and Current, T Group Productions

Rob Lobl has been promoted to the role of Executive Vice President of Development and Current at T Group Productions in Santa Monica, reporting to president Jenny Daly. Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: They Got Away With It, Reelzchannel

They Got Away With It (26 x 60′) – Docuseries that focuses on famous people whose careers survived despite getting into legal trouble of one sort or another. Channel: Reelzchannel Producer: CMJ Productions TX: Realscreen Source:

Greenlit: Celebrity Home Raiders, Lifetime

Celebrity Home Raiders ( 8 x 30′) – Celebrities welcome viewers into their homes for a trip down memory lane and an exclusive look into their lives and prized possessions. In each episode, host Kit Hoover (Access Hollywood Live) and renowned auctioneers Darren Julien and Martin Nolan from Julien’s Auctions, reminisce with celebrities as they […]

Greenlit: Charlotte Crosby Show, TLC UK

Charlotte Crosby Show (untitled) (4 x 60′) –  Geordie Shore cast member Charlotte Crosby immerses herself in extreme communities around the world and finds herself suffering culture shock. Channel: TLC UK Producer: Rumpus Media TX: Spring 2014 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Watermen, BBC2

Watermen w/t (6 x 60′) -A prime-time observational documentary series following one of the largest water companies in Britain, United Utilities, the UK company who supply water to more than seven million people in North West England. The scale of their operation is enormous: the biggest water firm on the FTSE 100, they manage 42,000 […]

Greenlit: Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, Bravo

Online Dating Rituals of the American Male – Docuseries that unmasks the world of the booming online dating culture from the male perspective.  Each week, the show follows two men as they hunt for their ideal partner (or fling).  Viewers will get an inside look at the male psyche from the beginning stages of trolling […]

Greenlit: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, NGCI / Nat Geo / FOX / Sky 1

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (13 x 60′) – A series combining drama, fantasy and stunning natural reality, that will serve as a successor to the legendary Emmy® Award- and Peabody Award-winning original series. Hosted by world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the series aspires to awaken a global audience to the wonders of the universe, as […]

Greenlit: The Truth About Britain’s Weather, Channel 4

The Truth about Britain’s Weather w/t (4 x 60′) – Docuseries presented by Alex Beresford that uses archive footage, UGC and CGI to explore the recent extreme weather events – floods, heatwaves, storms – that have adveresly affected the UK in the past year and puts the data into historical context. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: […]

Greenlit: HGTV Handmade, YouTube

HGTV Handmade – A new collaborative crafting channel that features some of YouTube’s top tastemakers. HGTV.com’s Marianne Canada (WeekdayCrafternoon), Meg Allan Cole (MeganAllanColeCrafts), Karen Kavett (xperpetualmotion), Ann Le (Anneorshine) and Julia Wycliff (SimpleDIYs) each host a weekly how-to vlog that features fun DIY projects such as how to create fashion accessories, handmade jewelry and home […]

Greenlit: Marines, Channel 4

Marines w/t (8 x 60′) –  An observational documentary series exploring the experiences of Royal Marines in training. With unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to the Commando Training Centre in Devon, the series primarily focuses on the progress of recruits through what is arguably the most arduous basic training programme in the world. Using a unique combination […]

In: Brent Burnette, SVP Development, Zodiak New York

Brent Burnette has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Development at Zodiak New York, reporting to Chief Creative Officer Mike Gamson and Chief Operating Officer Sheila Cabano. In his new role at Zodiak, Burnette will be charged with managing Zodiak New York’s development slate, generating new character driven docuseries, creating original formats as well as adapting […]

Greenlit: The Rise of the Nazi Party, Quest / Discovery Networks Europe / Foxtel / Planete / SBS Discovery

The Rise of the Nazi Party (10 x 60′) – Tells the true story of the rise of the Nazis through archive film footage, interviews and dramatic reconstructions, and carries on the chilling story after the war until now, with the continued rise of Neo-Nazis. The Rise and Rise of the Nazi Party reveals step […]

Greenlit: Superstar Dogs, Channel 4

Superstar Dogs – Popular television presenter and dog-lover John Barrowman presents this series, which taps into the UK’s affection for everything canine. With dogs and their owners from all over the UK competing in a number of challenges and the final spectacular Dogstacle Course, the series promises to be full of sporting drama and entertainment. […]

Greenlit: Fish Bowl, Nat Geo WILD

Fish Bowl (1 x 240′) –  A four-hour reality special premiering on Super Bowl Sunday, starring Goldie, a goldfish. In the vein of other reality series, where the daily drama of a character’s life plays out in a “fishbowl” setting, Goldie will swim about her daily business in an actual fishbowl. Without filters and with […]

Greenlit: Rod N Wheels, Discovery

Rod N Wheels – Docuseries that follows the owners and staff of a company that specializes in fixing up vintage cars. Channel: Discovery Producer: Intuitive Entertainment TX: 27th January 204 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Diamond Collar, OWN / Sky Italia

The Diamond Collar – Follows the day-to-day life of James “Head” Guiliani, a former street enforcer for the mafia, who spent years running with John Gotti’s crew. But after a life-changing encounter with a stray dog, James found a new purpose, and now runs a top dog grooming parlor in Brooklyn – The Diamond Collar […]

Out: Tanya Shaw, Commissioning Editor, Factual Features and Formats, BBC

Tanya Shaw, Commissioning Editor, Factual Features & Formats, BBC has resigned her position to take up a post as Creative Director at Shine TV in London. Source: Broadcast

In: Shona Baldwin, Head of Development, Outline Productions

Shona Baldwin has been appointed as Head of Development at Outline Productions, London, reporting to Creative Director Helen Veale. She was previously Head of Format Development at Studio Lambert. Source: TBI Vision  

Up: Laura Fleury, Vice President Programming & Development, LMN

Laura Fleury has been promoted to Vice President, Programming & Development, LMN, reporting to Jana Bennett, President, FYI and LMN. She has been with A+E Networks for over 15 years, and in her previous role at A&E, Fleury developed and served as Executive Producer for many of the network’s hit series including Emmy nominated Beyond Scared […]

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