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Greenlit: Time Scanners, NGCI

Time Scanners (6×60) – Unlocks the secrets of the world’s most iconic engineering feats using cutting-edge, 3D laser scanning technology.  A team of scientists and historians led by Steve Burrows (engineer for the Beijing Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium), uses the extraordinary scans  to create 3D digital models of the Roman Coliseum, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Incas’ Machu Picchu, St Paul’s in London, Petra and Jerusalem with pin-point accuracy.  With this unique tool and insider access, the team can analyse \ how good the ancient engineers were, make brand new discoveries, and come up with ground breaking new theories about these awe-inspiring places and the people who built them.

Channel: National Geographic Channels International

Producer: Atlantic Productions

TX:  Early 2014

Source: National Geographic Channels International press release


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