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Greenlit: Secrets of Bones, BBC4

Secrets Of Bones (6 x 60′) – Ben Garrod, primatologist and master skeleton builder, will share his unique passion for bones. He will take us on a very personal journey through the remarkable and surprising story of how a single, universal body plan – the skeleton, has shaped the animal kingdom.

There are over 62,000 species of vertebrate of every size and shape, from squirrels to sperm whales and aardvarks to anacondas. They may look very different on the outside, but on the inside they are based on the same skeletal blueprint.

Each skeleton differs in small, but critical ways and, in Ben’s hands, those differences can be decoded to reveal an animal’s complete life story – not only how it moves, where it lives and what it eats, but also its entire evolutionary journey.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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