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Greenlit: Inside KFC, BBC1

Inside KFC (3 x 60′) –  Food has become a national obsession and visits to fast food restaurants make up more than half of all meals eaten outside of the home in the UK.  Valued at over £4.5billion, the fast-food industry has continued to grow year-on-year despite the recession, and fried chicken is the fastest growing of all.

This observational documentary series gets to the heart of KFC UK, one of the most globally recognisable food brands in the world.  Offering a unique, top-to-bottom look inside KFC, it will paint a multi-layered portrait of the fried chicken empire, meeting the many colourful characters working there – from the boardroom to the restaurant chef.

How does KFC ensure there is enough chicken to meet the demands of its many thousands of daily customers? Where does the chicken come from and what journey does it take before reaching the bucket? We’ll meet the people responsible for the minutiae of daily operations at KFC, as well as those charged with the bigger tasks of growing the business, expanding the menu and addressing growing concerns about nutrition.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Wild Pictures


Source: BBC press release


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