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Greenlit: Hidden Kingdoms, BBC1/Discovery/RTL/France Televisions/CCTV9

Hidden Kingdoms (3 x 60′) -Stephen Fry is back to narrate in his own brilliant way, but this time the animals will be some of the smallest creatures – he  introduces us to a cast of animal characters, from chipmunks to dung beetles, the African sengi to the Southeast Asian tree shrew, allowing us to experience the world from their perspective. There are death-defying feats, intimate family moments and catastrophes. They are all at the mercy of elements outside their control that can blow their world apart in an instant. A sudden rainstorm releases raging torrents that can wash away an animal’s home in seconds; a migrating herd of wildebeest literally shakes up another little creature’s Hidden Kingdom, leaving it spinning in a tornado of dust. When you are just a few inches tall, sand stings like gravel and a sudden gust of wind feels like a tornado. But little creatures are just as tenacious and resourceful as the bigger beasts of the natural world. Each character has an amazing story to reveal that will showcase their remarkable abilities. You will be right there with them while they confront the dangerous world of giants around them.

Using location filming, visual effects and new cameras developed specially for the series, the films will be based in some of the planet’s most iconic landscapes: Savannah & Desert; Jungles & Forest; and the metropolis of Rio & Tokyo. Viewers will experience these worlds in a completely new, hyper-real way, and from a new perspective that shows in incredible detail the animal’s point of view: pushing between blades of grass will feel like journeying deep into the savannah.

The hurdles our little creatures face are challenging and their solutions are always surprising.

Hidden Kingdoms is commissioned by Kim Shillinglaw, BBC Head of Commissioning for Natural History and Science. It is executive produced by Mike Gunton, whose credits include BBC One’s Africa (2013) and BBC Two’s Madagascar (2011), and it is series produced by Mark Brownlow. It’s a BBC/Discovery/RTL/France Televisions/CCTV9 co-production in association with R.T.I S.p.A. BBC Worldwide is the global distributor.

Channel: BBC/Discovery/RTL/France Televisions/CCTV9 co-production in association with R.T.I S.p.A.

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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