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Greenlit: Hair, BBC3

Hair (6 x 60′) – Steve Jones presents a gripping competition that will showcase young British amateur skills in hair styling.

The hair experts advising and judging the amateurs are Denise McAdam, session stylist and royal hairdresser, and Alain Pichon, international session stylist, who has styled Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Claudia Schiffer. During the competition, Denise will be looking at how contestants interact with the hair – how they look at it, touch it and handle hair will be as important as the finished look. She’s a stickler for the small details and will not stand for dirty tools or a messy work station, whereas Alain will be looking for consistency and proportion on completed looks and will be impressed by contestants that are well prepared and have their tools laid out ready for the task at hand.

There will be eight very different competitors with their own unique visions and they are all utterly passionate about hair. Whether that’s doing their friends’ hair for nights out or creating their own amazing styles, they are all keen with the curling tongs and scissors. Each week they will face three different challenges which will put to test a distinct set of skills.

The stylists’ shelves will be stacked to the ceiling with every conceivable hair accoutrement, from Bardot-esque hair pieces to bobby pins, glittery hair grips to neon-coloured extensions, rows of gleaming scissors to a range of super-straighteners, curlers and crimpers. It will be a stylist’s paradise. But with the clock ticking on each challenge, there is no time to waste. The pressure will be on as each week one amateur will leave the competition. As the competition progresses, the challenges get more difficult so the amateurs will need to continually improve their skills and harness their creative flair to impress the judges.

The amateurs have everything they need and each of them truly believes they have what it takes to win the competition – but who will make the cut?

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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