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Greenlit: Dissected, BBC4

Dissected (2 x 60′) – Dr George McGavin explores two of the most amazing body parts in the natural world: human hands and feet. In Dissected: The Incredible Human Hand and Dissected: The Incredible Human Foot, he is joined by leading anatomy experts in a specially created dissection lab. Layer by layer, the team take apart a real human hand and foot, to reveal what makes them unique in the animal kingdom.

In the first episode, they uncover what gives human hands an unrivalled combination of power and precision.  George meets people who use their hands in extraordinary ways – from magicians to rock climbers – and discovers what gives them such astonishing abilities.

From a baby’s first steps to a ballerina on pointe, the second programme reveals how the unique natural engineering of the human foot is key to some of our greatest physical achievements.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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