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Greenlit: Cars, Channel 4

Cars w/t –  Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes) explores his personal passion for British motors as he unearths the story of six cars that have played an important part in the UK’s social history, the cars that were built in Britain, were bold in design, caused a stir on the silver screen and flew the flag for great British manufacturing across the world.

Philip is determined to hunt down and save the six iconic and abandoned motors he feels tells the story of post war Britain. Cars such as the Ford Escort Mexico, MGTC, Mini Cooper MK1, Triumph Stag and the DeLorean.

Under Phil’s guidance, the internationally renowned restorer Ant Anstead will be tasked with the challenging job of rebuilding of them and bringing them back to their former glory. While Ant works hard with the spanners breathing life into old bangers Phil will explore the people, passion and social history stories behind each of the marquees, learning what makes each car so unique.

Along this fascinating journey Phil will meet owners past and present who will share their experiences and memories of the cars whose impact goes far beyond transportation. The series will culminate in a special one off auction where the cars will be on sale to passionate motor fanatics, ready to extend their legacy for another generation.

Channel: Channel 4


Source: Channel 4 press release


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