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Greenlit: Tommy and Jerry’s Camera, BBC4

Tommy and Jerry’s Camera (1 x 60′) – This documentary reveals the extraordinary stories behind the photographs taken by British and German soldiers during World War One.

Tens of thousands of British and German soldiers marched off to war in 1914 with VPKs (Vest Pocket Kodaks) concealed in their coats, thinking the war would be a great adventure and wanting photographs to remember it by. The pictures they took provide a unique, uncensored insight into the lives of soldiers during the war. They show the day-today routine of life in the trenches and capture the spontaneity of life behind the lines. Some feature advances into no man’s land, and dead bodies of friends or prisoners they captured. Unlike the official war photographs, nothing was off limits.

Families in Britain and Germany who hold the best collections of photographs share the stories of long lost relatives; and leading historians assess the significance of the soldiers’ photographs and explain how they provide a fresh view of the war, including the relationship between Tommy and Jerry.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Productions, Scotland

TX: 2014

SourceBBC press release


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