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Greenlit: Terror on a Train, Investigation Discovery

Terror on a Train (1 x 60′) – In the 20 years since the Long Island Railroad Massacre, an entire generation has lived in the era of mass murder — Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook. This documentary brings viewers into the aisles of the LIRR train where gunman Colin Ferguson opened fire upon the innocent victims trapped on their rush hour commute home from New York City. Told primarily through interviews with the survivors and families of the victims, we are taken back in time as they share their terrifying experience and how they continue to cope today.

The violent shooting left six people dead, 25 wounded, and a nation left struggling to comprehend a horrific act. The country watched, transfixed by the subsequent trial, as witnesses and survivors were forced to face the madman, Ferguson, who represented himself, during cross examination on live television.

Interviews featured include: • Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, Congresswoman, husband Dennis was killed in the shooting, and son Kevin was severely injured • Tom McDermott, Survivor • Kevin Zaleskie, Survivor • Lisa Combatti, Survivor (pregnant at the time of the shooting) • Robert Giugliano, Survivor • Debra Weber, Survivor • John Forni, Survivor (sat in front of Colin Ferguson, shot five times) • Brian Parpan, Detective (Ret.) Nassau County Police Department • Joyce Gorycki, Wife of Victim, James Gorycki • Jack and Arlene Locicero – Parents of Victim, Amy Federici • Mi Won Kim, Sister of Victim, Mi Kyung Kim • Thomas Gulotta, Former Nassau County Executive • Ron Kuby, Criminal Defense Attorney

Channel: Investigation Discovery

Producer: Charlie Minn Films

TX: 4th December 2013

Source: Investigation Discovery press release


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