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Greenlit: Pipers of the Trenches, BBC2

Pipers of the Trenches (1 x 60′) – For 500 years or more, Scottish regiments advanced and attacked to the tune of the pipes. Two-and-a-half thousand pipers served in the Great War; men from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Within a year a thousand of them were dead.

This film brings together stories of unparalleled bravery as descendants of World War One pipers visit the Somme and Gallipoli, the battlefields where their ancestors, unarmed, piped their comrades ‘over the top’.

With behind-the-scenes testimony from serving soldiers, this programme uncovers why these centuries-old tunes, remembering ancient battles, still have a relevance today.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Productions, Scotland

TX: 2014

SourceBBC press release


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