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Greenlit: Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen, BBC1

Nigel And Adam’s Farm Kitchen (4 x 60′) –  Nigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to show us how to get most value, variety and flavour from the top 50 foods bought in the UK week in and week out at the supermarket.

Over 4×60-minute episodes, Nigel and Adam will sow, grow, rear and cook with the country’s favourite fresh ingredients on a working farm in the Cotswolds, run by the Righton family. They’ll put us back in touch with where our favourite foods come from and how they get from farm to fork.

Nigel aims to put the art of cooking back into Britain, showing us different ways to cook with our favourite ingredients to create dishes from the traditional British roast to the more exotic meals found in our restaurants and takeaways.

Adam, meanwhile, will take on challenges to grow some foods not normally produced in Britain for Nigel to cook with. He’ll be growing ingredients such as rice, Asian mushrooms and durum wheat which is used to make pasta.

Throughout the series, Nigel and Adam learn many new skills from each other. Adam, putting his wellies to one side, learns Nigel’s top tips on preparing a Sunday roast; and Nigel, typically found making a crumble, lends a hand on the farm during lambing, and rears his own three little pigs.

Nigel, Adam and the Rightons will set up stall and sell some of their farmed produce to the public, with all money being donated to the BBC’s Children in Need.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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