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Greenlit: Light and Dark, BBC4

Light and Dark (2 x 60′) – Explores how scientists have uncovered the secrets of our universe by using and manipulating light.

Presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the series reveals how light was used to make spectacular discoveries about our place in the cosmos. But he’ll also show that the universe visible to the human eye is only a fraction of the vast amount of matter and energy that exists: our best estimate is that more than 99% of the universe is hidden in the dark.

The first episode takes viewers on a journey of discovery, from the realisation, over 2000 years ago, that light travels in straight lines, through to Galileo’s invention of the telescope, which redefined our position in the cosmos, right up to the present day, when analysis of the oldest light in the universe is still revealing the secrets of the birth of time.

The second episode delves into the mysteries of the dark and reveal just how little we can really know about our universe. It explains the strange discovery of dark matter – the glue that holds the universe together. And it explores the even stranger dark energy, a mysterious force that is thought to make up 73% of our universe, and will ultimately drive it apart.

Channel: BBC4 / Open University

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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