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Greenlit: JFK: The Final Visit to Britain, BBC2

JFK: The Final Visit To Britain (1 x 30′) – BBC South East’s Glen Campbell speaks to the Secret Service Agent responsible for the advance security in Dallas the day President John F Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago.

For the first time on British television former Secret Service Agent David Grant speaks about the events leading up to, and chaotic moments after, the assassination of President John F Kennedy (JFK).

In June 1963, JKF visited Sussex to stay with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, just months before he was assassinated. David Grant was in charge of the security for the Sussex visit, and also part of the operation to protect the President in Dallas on the day he was assassinated.

Also as part of the documentary, the BBC has been given access to previously secret files by the Sussex Police Authority, outlining the President’s visit to England. The programme tells the story of how JFK held cold war talks at Harold Macmillan’s country estate on the Sussex Weald.

Included in the programme are contributions from Harold Macmillan’s grandson, the Earl of Stockton; former Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP; and eye witnesses who were there when Kennedy visited Sussex in the summer of 1963.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC

TX: 17th November 2013

Source: BBC press release


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