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Greenlit: I Never Knew That About Britain, ITV

I Never Knew That About Britain (8 x 30’) – A companion series to Christopher Winn’s best-selling series of books.
Anchored by Paul Martin, the series explores Britain’s rich and surprising history, unearthing eccentric characters and stories from Britain’s past and celebrating some of the greatest technological, artistic, scientific and political achievements of the British people. Paul will be joined by Steve Mould, who will look at scientific stories and Suzannah Lipscomb, who will investigate historic stories.
Travelling the length of the British Isles via modes of transport as varied as hot air balloons, steam trains, classic cars and canoes, the presenters reveal unusual stories and meet the people connected with them. From technological innovations conceived in Britain – such as the lift, invented in Cornwall and the world’s first tarmacked road in Nottingham – to the origins of the word Geordie for people from Newcastle or the Bedfordshire grave where the bodies of Long John Silver and Peter Pan’s Wendy lie, the series is an entertaining cornucopia of all the things you never knew about Britain.

Channel: ITV

Producer: Potato

TX: Early 2014

Source: ITV press release


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