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Greenlit: Geeks, E4

Geeks (6 x 60′) – Sees groups of self-confessed geeks swap quantum physics for glow sticks as they go on the holiday of a lifetime.

Awkwardness on a grand scale will ensue, as each week a group of nerdy boys and geeky girls jet off to one of the world’s most notorious party destinations. From Ibiza to Vegas the geeks will live together and be given VIP AAA passes to the hottest clubs and parties for the first time in their lives.

From Brass-Banders and Gamers to Comic-con girls and Mathletes, this is the geeky gang’s big opportunity to explore a party lifestyle they’ve never experienced before. But how will they take to this brand new world? Will they party hard and blend in? Or will they fall flat on their face and be in bed by 10pm?

Channel: E4

Producer: Shine North / GME


Source: Channel 4 press release


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