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Greenlit: Blinging Up Baby, Channel 5

Blinging Up Baby (1 x 60′) – For some parents a visit to Baby Gap or Mothercare just doesn’t cut it. If it’s not designer clothes, jewellery most of us couldn’t dream of owning or a pair of mini Louboutins then they just aren’t interested.  It’s not unusual for parents to spoil their children from time to time but these mums and dads are completely off the scale.

And it’s not just about what the children wear and own– we’ll see parents who give their children plastic surgery vouchers for when they turn 16 and think tanning from an early age is the way forward. When you have children wearing high heels, make up and having their hair dyed before they go to infants school there is certainly a moral debate to be had …

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: ALASKA

TX:  2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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