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Greenlit: Your Home in Their Hands, BBC1

Your Home in Their Hands  – A new prime-time transformational makeover series, where home owners hand over their front door keys for the ultimate makeover – the only catch being the people doing the makeover are not professionals; the only homes they’ve decorated before are their own.

In each programme, four passionate home decorators who think they’ve got an eye for design and a flair for fabrics compete against each other to win a cash prize. They think they’ve got what it takes. But when it comes to decorating someone else’s home, the rules are very different and the stakes and emotions run high.

Judging the process is self-made multi-millionaire interior designer and businesswoman Celia Sawyer. She says: “Anyone who comes on the show and thinks interior design is a walk in the park is going to have a real shock. Interior design isn’t just about painting a wall pretty colours, it’s about listening to your brief and working hard to fulfil it. That’s what I will be looking for.”

Channel: BBC1

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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