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Greenlit: The Sixties, CNN

The Sixties (1 x 90′ +  10 x 60′) – A provocative, sweeping documentary series that  explores perhaps the most transformative decade of the modern era.

The series will launch with a 90-minute special episode, The Assassination of JFK (1963), timed with the observance of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  The inaugural episode will explore the key conclusions of the controversial Warren Commission, as well as the shocking impact of the assassination upon the nation, and upon American politics.

The series will resume in April 2014 with episodes about the events and people that shaped our history and character as a nation.  Episodes will focus on the indelible impact of music and technology of the era, drugs, “free love”, and rock and roll.

Key moments of the era will be revealed and explored through archival newsreel footage, personal movies, and interviews with eyewitnesses to history.  Expert commentary from historians, including David McCullough, Robert Dallek, and Robert Caro, as well as recollections from people whose lives intersected with destiny, such as Dan Rather, Robert MacNeil, and others, will infuse new relevance to the cultural touchstones at the center of each episode.

Channel: CNN

Producer:  Herzog & Company / Playtone

TX: November 2013 + April 2014

Source: CNN press release


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