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Greenlit: The Illegal Eater, Travel + Escape

The Illegal Eater – Musician, food lover and host Steven Page, provides a glimpse into the well-concealed world of underground restaurants and eateriesFormer member of The Barenaked Ladies, Steven’s extensive touring throughout his music career revealed to him that every city has a hidden food scene where the experience isn’t limited to the cuisine. Page serves as the audience’s guide to the underground food community and plays an active role in the sound, having penned the series theme song.

 Page visits off the beaten path, culinary locales in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, and Brooklyn before heading north to explore Halifax, Ottawa and hometown Toronto. Actively seeking out underground locations that thrive on legal loopholes or in some cases ignore legal mandates completely, he experiences opposite ends of the spectrum from stomaching a developing duck embryo to attending an unlicensed pop-up supper club.

Channel: Travel + Escape (Canada)

Producer: Blue Ant Media

TX: 22nd October 2013

Source: Blue Ant Media press release


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